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4 Native Batik Patterns From Indonesia

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“Parang” (“machete”) is a pattern style that signifies power and resilience. Batik Parang is one of the oldest batik motifs in Indonesia.

The characteristics are repeated blade-like patterns that resemble waves. This is often regarded as a perfect “batik for men” due to the masculine undertone. 



Kawung is a classic style that used to be worn only by royal families. The motifs were inspired by aren fruits. 

The Kawung motif has many symbolic meanings, its association to the palm blossom indicates purity and honesty, while the palm fruit refers to fertility and hope.



Lereng motif is a diagonal line pattern between parang motif. It is also one of the old patterns reserved for the royal family's palace.



Ceplok batik motifs include a wide variety of geometric designs, usually based on a circular roses, stars or other small shapes, forming a symmetrical pattern.

This batik motif is more often used in Javanese weddings  with the hope that marriage can unite the two families harmoniously and endlessly bring happiness, blessing and luck in life.