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Nusantara's Batik Tulis and Its Special Characteristics

In Story

Batik Tulis is gradually and carefully drawn with canting by Indonesian ancestor's talented hands. Only the patience and keen batik craftsmen could finish this type of batik.

While stamped batik and printed batik have their own fixed pattern, the craftsmen have to draw unique symmetrical pattern.

After the complex pattern making process (ngegreng), the craftsmen will dip the fabric into a dye bath. And this is the significant difference between batik tulis with other types of batik: both sides of fabric have the same color.

Batik tulis has unidentical yet harmonized pattern after the finishing process. Very Indonesian, don't you think so?

The person who will do the dyeing process (mbabat) shouldn't be chosen carelessly. Usually, the most creative one will be chosen to decide the color. Wrong color composition will ruin batik tulis.

And finally, all these complex processes are done. The longer batik tulis were saved and taken a good care of, the more beautiful it becomes.

Our ancestors have been trained to be a creative creator, since a long time ago. And now, the masterpiece is recognized all over the globe.

So, millennials, it's time to continue a preservation of this noble cultural product.

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