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Batik Shopping Made Easy at

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Shopping for batik is hard or just feeling lazy to go even to the nearest shopping mall?

Online shopping at is easy. It's much easier for you to sit at home, find any batik motifs you like and have it delivered to your doorstep. So convenient and hassle-free!

Why do you need to shop at

  • Online

You don't have to worry about finding a parking space, paying the car park or wasting gas. You can just sit home and do all your shopping and batik finding at

  • On Trend

It's true. Online shopping at gives you a much better and larger variety of batik motifs than in-store, there's a worldwide selection of a specific batik motif than you might want and cannot find it at any other places. Also, most times many batik motifs you find at might not be available in stores. offers hundreds of batik motifs that are always on-trend and you can check our new arrivals every week with our updated exclusive patterns.

  • On The Go

This is another reason why shopping at is better. You can shop wherever and whenever you want, you can fit it into your schedule easily. Be it during your spare time at home, hang out with friends at a café, break time at the office or the night before your bedtime. You choose!

Who doesn't like the feeling of opening up a package when it arrives right in front of our door? That's honestly the best part for us, right?

It's so exciting when that beautifully-crafted batik you buy arrives and ready to be tailored and worn it to your special occasions.