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How To Take Care Of Batik

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Handmade batik is one of the most exquisite Indonesian tangible cultural heritages, a beautiful fabric handed down from generation to generation. Presently, batik is not only loved and worn by Indonesians, but also people around the world.

And for those who have batik and want to keep batik in its beautiful look and shape that can last for a very long time and not to damage it, here are several tips how to take care of your batik:



- Hand wash to avoid discoloration
- Separate dark-colored Batik from light-colored pieces and separate light-colored Batik from dark-colored pieces
- Do not use chlorine bleach, strong detergents or brighteners in washing Batik
- Do not wring or twist batik fabrics to squeeze out the water
- Use a special soap like lerak to wash your batik


(source: Imajinesia)

- Avoid direct sunlight
- Hang to dry in shady area
- You may dry Batik indoor or outdoor
- Drying with a dryer machine should be in low heat setting
- Do not overdry



- Iron Batik in low setting
- You may also iron batik layered with another piece of fabric on top to avoid direct heat


- Avoid the use of camphor when storing your Batik in the closet