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Why Buying and Sewing Your Own Batik Is Always Better

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Batik is both an art and a craft. High quality handmade batik fabric takes longer to produce compared to the print one and its intricacy makes written batik is more valuable. As handmade batik fabric is regarded as first-class product and posh-looking, tailored shirt crafted out of the batik fabric is a luxury option that is suitable for all special occasions.

Owning handmade batik is a pride and as its design is only produced once means you want to wear it in the most perfect way. Hence, get it tailored will be the best option as tailored-made batik shirt will fit perfectly according to your body type and measurement.

Reasons why you should buy and sew your own batik fabric than buy the ready-to-wear shirt:

  1. Authenticity – A custom made batik shirt is unique and one-of-a kind. One of the best things about written batik is there is no identical motif. No one can ever wear the same batik shirt as yours, as one batik motif is only produced once, is both worthy and pleasing.

  2. Everlasting Elegance – As all written handmade batik fabrics are drawn by skilled craftsmen's hands with a canting, outlining the pattern on fabrics with wax, it will add your sense of pride and charm when you wear it. Your custom batik shirt can be worn after years and still hold exceptional value of class and elegance.

  3. Perfection – Where most readymade shirt almost every time need pinches of alterations here and there and not always batik shirt that matches your taste come in the size needed, a custom made batik shirt is designed to fit one’s body with perfection!